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Our Story & Work

Iconify Space city is a limited holding company and principal business unit in the following service provision:

A. Systems and Apps Development
B. Website development and Hosting
C. Search engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing
D. Online Content Distribution and Monetization

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Website development and Hosting

Iconify Space Provides a wide range of Websites in a Professional design and implementation.

Online Content Distribution and Monetization

At Iconify Space we value content, be it Music, Film, in-spirational videos, audios, Blogs and article, books etc.

SEO and Marketing

Iconify Space Provides a perfect online marketing and search engine optimization within the most fairly priced packages

Systems and Apps Development

Iconify Space has more experience in Systems and Apps development for both Online, desktop and Mobile Platforms.

Passionate About Our Work

We don't just do our business, we also truly Love what we do that we keep on researching and improving on every detail of our work to make it more than just work but pasion.

Web Experts

We design not just professional but Iconic web designs of a defereclass beyond normal and host them on the fastest servers.

Systems Experts

We Provide effective, secure solution oriented, easy to use, cross platform systems for all Business needs.

Apps Experts

Mobile apps are what we eat for breakfast, we nail them everyday the best way perfectly for our clients desire.

SEO Experts

Rate it and perfect it to be uniquely ranked first by all search engines.

Content Marketing

When it comes to online marketing we are simply the best. Don't even think twice.

content Distribution

We are the best experts in content distribution to all the platforms suited for your content for easy reach to everyone.

Content Monitization

We are not just making sure that your content reaches everyone but we also make sure you get paid by your content maximumly.

Social Media

Manage your social media to win business and represent your business the best way.


All what we do is meant to make you and your Business an icon not just in your country but the world at large.

Quality Skills

In our fields of expertise we get clients from almost all sectors ranging from financial sectors, industries, logistics, trade, utilities, academic etc
Our core Value proposition is the most prioritized requirement for any business that has a future and organizations that handles information.

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Get a an iconic website with a professional design and crazy features faster before your competitor learns.