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Systems and Apps

We have a long range of apps with 100% support team. We care for our customers' future growth, security, Image and Efficiency in productivity.

Website Development

Weather you want custom website of website from platforms like, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and many others, We are here to give you the best.

SEO and Marketing

We are going to make you a start brand in the world, no doubt. We have enough tools and just the best package for you.

Online content & Monetization

We will not just copyright and distribute your content on all platforms in the world, but we will also make sure that you earn the maximum out of it.


Phase 1

i. Web Design

ii. Branding

Phase 2

i. Search Engine Optimization

ii. Online Marketing eg pay per click

Phase 3

i.  Mail marketing

ii.  Social media and/or online marketing

iii. Video SEO

Phase 4

i. Content Marketing

ii. Conversion Optimization


We deliver to a network of 200+ international and African platforms. With ten years in Africa, we understand the unique environment of the African market and have built the network to match it.


We’re well connected with the brands, ad agencies, producers and supervisors in need of African music. Our experienced deal makers will help you negotiate a fair fee for any usage of your music in publicity adverts TV, movies and games.


Our expert copyright management team has extensive experience of regional and international royalty registration and collection, and is well versed with the intricacies of the African publishing business.


With our vast experience in online branding and content marketing, we are also very good at making sure that all your content earns you as much as it should by Monetizing and optimizing your earning from your content and pay you in time.

Label And Production

Apart from distribution and management of Online Content; Music, videos, films, Blogs etc, We also manage content creators in there industries and make them Icons. This is Limited to creators who have passion in what they create and are ready to make a life of an Icon.


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